August 28, 2007

My Darling Clementine's Cherry

Oh my darling Clementine
How much longer will you yearn
Like an autumn leaf you wonder the field
What do you seek?
A cherry
A cherry to top your cake

Yester my Clementine looked in the kitchen basket
Try as she might she could not find
A sweet cherry with no worm inside
Quite distraught she throws the basket aside
Waving her hand the juice had dyed
What she wore
A strong face ready to chide
What will mike you happy my darling Clementine

Then Sir John Hawkins brought her a new basket
Looked as she might she could not find
A sweet a plump dark cherry for her cake
With a foot she nudged it aside
By and by she sat by the window
Gazing in disbelief
She sat like Patience on a monument, smiling at grief
What is that she sees, a cherry tree beyond the meadow
What a turn my darling Clementine!

Skip along she and what does she see.
Big ripe and plump cherries
All suiting for her cake
High, High, High up on a branch
Jump as she might she could no reach
My darling Clementine
She does not see
The best cherry is right under her nose
My Clementine is entranced, almost a pose
With a gaze fixed on that high branch
Oh my Darling Clementine when will you see

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