August 28, 2007

Trickle Treat: Who is there?

One two three four five six
Tricklefestlichkeiten of a Trickleoberseite
We are those who dwell within
We have always been inside
The fallen one, the fallen one
We move at his behest
But we are six
We fight inside to steer you

Sons of the man, such weaklings
They grasp to hope
Like drowning man clutches straws
Look, how the adhere
Think you can drive us out?
We dare you. Attempt!

We are under your bed every night
Your prayers which no one hear are laughable
We see you
You are his and you know it
We hear you breathe hard
You tell yourself nothing is there
But you look under
Nothing is there
We are inside!

We whisper those desires in your ears
You can lie to protect one knows
Use reason, reason
Faith is primitive

Our master loves you
he loves you more than Him
And he wants you to come home with him
Why don't you come
There are no rules
Come home to him

one two three, four, five, six
Tricklefestlichkeiten of a Trickleoberseite.

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