September 06, 2007

Craziest week in 2007

So a B-52 bomber flew over the nation. I don't care.....they can fly a million of them if they like.

They were carrying bombs.....I am a little concerned but i don't really care.

They were carrying nuclear bombs.

Now I am alarmed but then I sit back, the army, which undertakes everything in our best interests, must have a good reasons for this. Maybe they needed moving for security reasons or new facilities

What, non of the above. They were moved by MISTAKE!!!

You don't move nukes around by mis-ta-ke.
I crate of grenades can be moved by mis-ta-ke.
These are nukes...

In case you don't understand the magnitude of this mis-ta-ke imagine Hirishima multiplied a hundred times right up in your backyard. That ***t is serious. The thought of that plane crashing is beyond horrifying.

If those nukes were loaded onto the bomber by mistake that means for some time the nukes were missing and no one knew about it!

That is just chilling, just chilling. If anything should have water tight security on this God foraken planet its a nuke. If security has gone lax on nukes like this then maybe we need the good old cold war days back so everyone can be tip top alert.

Damn, not one, not two, not three, not four but five nukes. In a bomber going round for a spin I am glad to learn that Base Commander has been fired.

...we don't play like that man...

I believe more heads should roll, there was obviously a chain of complacency that led to NUKES being loaded by mis-ta-ke....

For a civil engineer there is no such thing as a 'little mistake'...the same is for an army handling nukes on home soil.

What is this about the Russians flying 8 bombers towards UK airspace only to turn back at the last moment. I s everyone gone crazy. This week gotta be the cherry on the cake for this whole year.

Nobody wants war especially amoung first world wont be like hey Russia declared war in us...we going to invade them now...It will only be a matter of pushing buttons and the populations hears the announcement on the radio that nukes have been launched.

Then its time to go home, have a last five minutes with your woman, then sit back on that couch, light a cigarette, whisper a prayer and puff away the last seconds of your life.

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