September 10, 2007


The big question. Well, maybe not the biggest but it is big.

Should races not mix?

World War 2 was centered around this theme and a particular race arises. The Aryan race. I am not sure how the Aryan race is different from the Caucasian race, whether its a subset of or wholly inclusive or exclusive of. I take it is wholly inclusive of. Their main claim was that their race was the most superior and every other race should bow to them. They wanted every other race to bow but the Jews had to go.

What I also find striking is that when I read the discretion of the ideal Aryan man...Hitler resembled non of them. Hitler did not have blue eyes, he was not blonde, he most definitely was not tall. Come to think of it non of his right hand men fitted the description. Most of them either had black hair or were short and fat. Talk about cracks on he glass, very big cracks at that.

For a time it seemed quite possible their claim was becoming reality. what with Auswitch , the concentration camp and the "Living space Policy sweeping and gulping up most of Europe. Indeed the 'Arian race' seemed to rule the world. But as fate would have it they were defeated by 'inferior races' and their Reich fell into ruin. This is very ironical considering their claimed physical and mental superiority. Actually the war ended with the people of the 'superior' Third Reich fleeing like sheep from a vengeful Red Star 'inferior race'. I find this quite comical.

The Third Reich died, so the world thought. They resurfaced in America under the neo-nazi banner some decades later. They were actually protected by the law. The First Amendment to be precise. Apparently in America everyone has the right to say and preach what they want even if the the country had been in a bitter war with the very same principle being propagated. America is either made up of very liberal people or very stupid people.

What I find hypocritical about this 'freedom of speech and ideas' is that communists ideology was persecuted like a virus. You could actually go to jail for even manifesting communist ideology , which by the way had not led to any war with any country before. But they found it perfectly acceptable to allow Nazism which HAD led to war with an idea that sought to suppress other race and achieve world dominance. Figure that one.

One could find meaning in this daylight double standard stunt in that the end goals of Capitalism and Nazism are not that very different. In the end they both aim to achieve a system that a very few people are in COMPLETE control of the masses. Capitalism would use credit and money system Nazism would use violence and fear. Different but the same end goal.

Communism in principle would dismantle the efforts of the above mentioned because it does not allow the accumulation of individual wealth and encourages 'sharing'. So it is easy to perceive why communism was a non starter in America. By itself Communism is a nice idea but it would never work because people like to own stuff. But the American government knew that the theory is powerful enough to recruit the power and may cause a revolution like in Russia. No one wanted that.

So quite clinically the neo-nazi movement flourished in America. But they could no longer do it Hitler style."Eliminate them and they because they and them are the reason for our problems"
WW2 was still fresh in people's mind's and the Nazi leaders knew that rhetoric would only result in people pulling up brick walls, only the hardcores would listen. So they came up with a solution


Well their logical was....because the races were mixing the friction was causing all this hatred SO if all the races lived in separate places then there will be no more hatred...and it's a wonderful world again! That sounds like a good idea Einstein only one problem. Its not practical.

Yes we could decide territories and build great big giant walls to separate the races (that sound familiar to you)..but there are some very influential people who would offer a great deal o resistance to that idea. Firstly when the territories are divided almost all the oil reserves will be located in 'coloured' people territory (coloured people i.e. Arabs, Blacks, Mexicans, get the idea)

Now how will the great American economy sustain without Middle East oil. Secondly what about trade. China and Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are some of the quickest growing economies in the world and their trade is essential to some European countries. Thirdly other resources are only found in the other race's territory and that to me sounds like invasions will be inevitable under one pretext or the other, The Iraqi invasion has proven this o be VERY possible. I could bet a million dollars, If I had i, the race that would invade the other races' territories first.

How will intellectual ownership be dispensed. You cannot segregate intellectual material according to source after its already been used. Besides the cultures are already so mixed that whether people admit it or not each race has picked out atleast one tradition from the other. People in Brits and Americans eat sushi and noodles, they watch anime series. Wembley Stadium was packed to see Michael Jackson. There is a Macdonald's in Mumbai Europeans buy farms and homes in Africa. Every American knows Salsa and Vodka etc etc.

One point I find very intriguing is that Neo-nazis claim to be Christians. That's all very well but odd considering the founder of that religion was a Jew himself. Is it a sarcastic flare or a resounding tone of ignorance. Germany, the 'father land' were all the 'superior' people are
uses 'inferior' Russian rockets to launch satellites.

Lastly there is a small but rather potent reason that some influential people in society and politics are in racially mixed relationships and i doubt they would drop them at the sound of a bell. How will they be worked around. Do I hear night of the long knives whispering in the background. That would be the only direct solution to such influentials as they may pose a direct threat to the segregation

Its funny how the 'Aryans' now want segregation when in the first place they went around the globe colonizing technologically disadvantaged races and brought them to work for them or displacing them. Now they are just saying . "We don't want to see you anymore go away'. Well, if only things were that simple. For starters they can't go anywhere bacouse you are on their land!

Segregation...does that also mean that all non Indians will leave America and all non Aboriginals will leave Australia...I think not...if not all talk of segregation is just blah blah blah which unfortunately frustrated people will grab at to relieve their anger. When an Arian goes around screaming that he does not have a job because of a Mexican that is just the lowest point.

Suppose we all agree to stay on the land. As a matter of fact...Who...decides which races occupies which part of that land. Apparently the one with more and bigger guns as history has so loyally taught us. Poof, there goes that little dream of 'no hatred after segregation'.

You don't have a job because you don't have qualifications. I am sure if you, as 'superior' as you are would have made it clear to that 'superior' owner of the company who is almost certainly an Arian that you were the right person for the job...apparently not. You live in a trailer home because you don't have education and a proper job....because the other Aryans at the top do not place a lot of value in your 'superiority' as much as you think. Unlike you they are capitalist and they are only smiling at your movement so that you don't turn on them and the occasional periods were your violence is needed to propagate war...allowing them to make billions in weapons sales while you are in some ditch with a rifle chanting racial slogans otherwise they are out to 'own' you and the Mexican, and the Negro and the Arab.

Their only real worry are the Chinese...because they are competing to own stuff. (And maybe the Russian because they have a whole lot of nukes in their garden shed)

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