September 13, 2007

Of organic food, poceesed food and bottled water?

I try to ignore it......

But it just keeps hitting me in the face everywhere I go. Organic chicken, organic bread, organic beef, organic eggs blah blah blah...

What is an organic egg? Are they suggesting there are eggs that are not organic. I'd like to see those. By giving the word 'egg' a qualifying term it suggests that 'egg' exist in more than one form. If an egg is not 'organic' then it can only be 'inorganic'. If organic eggs are the new thing then what has my mother been feeding me all these years?

I tell you this....all eggs are organic...sorry to burst your bubble. Only hens can make eggs and that there is all organic, regardless of where the hen is...cage or no cage.

Organic chicken...hmmm. I asked one of these organic fanatics what that means and the girl told me that it was because no artificial method was used in the rearing of the chicken i.e no growth boosters.

Well, I will tell you what I told her. By her own definition the only 'organic chicken' she will find is in Africa and some farm deep in the country where the chickens are let out to forage. I find it quite implausible that no chemical material is used to enhance their growth. It is a business after all. Do they really wait all those months for the chickens to mature?

This little community of people , well not so little judging by the number of people reading labels in the local supermarket, has made this 'organic' thing almost into a cult.

Organic veggies I find very suspect. Can grow nice big veggies without using even a tiny bit of furtiliser? Oh yes you can do that on a small scale in your garden but on a farm? I did agriculture for all of four years in college (minored) and that is strictly impractical, unless if my lecturer was a saboteur. Not to mention not using pesticides or herbicides. Chemicals of some sort have to be used otherwise you harvest carrots that even a desert rabbit will not bite.

The whole 'organic movement' smells like a giant rat stuck in the drain pipe. If I am misguided enlighten me.

Then there are the 'water' people. What are you reading on that label on the water bottle.

I have a very good guess what it says on ingredients....water!
(plus questionable amounts of minerals which you already get from milk and other foods)

You have to be the dumbest and most gullible person alive to believe all that "Harvested from the spring fountain... Harvested on Mt Kempt from the cool springs....Mineral spring water form..." Yeah, they went up the mountain with all those bottle on their backs and spent the whole day scooping bucketfuls to fill them up just for you. Superman gave them a hand on their way down because the bottles wee now heavy.

How is it that people came to 'buy' water anyway. As far as I remember, correct me if I am wrong, water falls from the sky for free. What? Oh the processing cost of water. Ok, but industry make atleast 80% of water pollution, how is that my responsibility that I should pay to get it clean when I didn't make it dirty. Even after that the water coming out of the tap is what great value for money for some thing that should be free in the first place. So people have to go to the shops and buy water to drink. What an interesting set up we got, I'm sure it's very logical and displays humans' great claim to sentience.

Then there are the bacteria products. What is with that. Now you pay to get bacteria in your stomach. Wit a minute I thought that came as part of the standard installation on the human body. Why do you need external supply of bacteria from some funny tasting yoghurt derivative product.
If you want fruits with their skins...their is plenty of bacteria there my friend. I think what the western world is suffering from is 'technology fever'.

Yes 'technology fever'. A lot of healthy things are already there from nature but westerners will not use them because ......they were not from 'leading expert'....they are not from a nice looking bottle/box....... not nice looking pills.

For example flu. Boiling Eucalyptus leaves, guava leaves, tea leaves boiled and drinking the hot water has been known to act as a decongestant all over other continents but you could never sell that to a westerner. But show that westerner something like Lemsip and they will think the world of you but the two remedies are basically the same just the other is in a flashy box and processed. The principal is carried but the example is extreme.

It could be argued that access to natural products is limited in a modern metropolis. One things never seems to escape my observation though....
The correlation of processed food and occurrence of disease that are not even heard of in 3rd world countries (where processed food is a luxury).

All these disorders popping up. Lactose intolerance, citrus intolerance. Someone can actually die from eating a peanut. That very notion is ridiculous in developing countries. Does generations of processed food affect down the line genetics?

All the nutrients that are taken out can't possibly have no benefit to the human biological system. Whoever put then there in the first place was not crazy. Maybe scientists are beginning to realise this and thus the new drive for whole foods....

wheatabix, oatibix, brown bread, whole milk and not oatiflakes ( yes, oat flakes) but a couple of years back no one would be caught dead with this stuff

Look at any average 12 year old, are we approaching over-processed food or have we already reached it

Hmmm I wonder.

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