October 26, 2007

How crazier can they get

Fear, whether real or perceived can cause people to act in irrational ways. People start having wild thought processes when presented with a situation which they would otherwise solve logically.

Because people are prone to these tendencies that is why justice or the law is not dispensed or enforced by the general populace. The populace entrusts the police institution with this power. The police institution is governed by a set of rules and codes of conduct that ensure effective policing.

Most of the time this system is assumed to work, depending on your background. It is undeniably subjective how efficient the police institution is.

So today I was not shocked that the police in England has sunk to a new low. After reading their final input on the De Menezes case this is the bottom line...

"You can and most probably WILL be shot dead for acting suspicious"

Apparently because he acted 'suspicious' that justified the police blowing his head away without a trial or questioning. And here we thought this country had outlawed capital punishment. Summary execution.How fantastic! As if being jailed for nearly a month without trial is not a gross infringement of human rights.

Doesn't this sound lie something you would read in a 13th century book or the Gestapo files. In my few years as an adult I have learnt great lessons on how to introduce tyrannical rules not sure if this is an actual law, but I would not be surprised if it was). When the police talk about him being suspicious you'd get the impression of this guy was walking down the street with a suicide vest, clutching an AK-47, screaming curses, crying out for blood...It turned ot to be less dramatic than that.

All you need is a 'terror threat' and that gives you liberty to change laws and abuse citizens in the name of 'national security'

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