October 22, 2007

Like Houdini

Like Houdini on the stage
Blowing the crowd away, so amazing
Gripped in awe
Bright eyes shining with adoration and delight

At seven I became a magician
From that time I performed many a trick
Look, the crowd had began to leave
Hack, abracadabra a third
They sat and watched
One after the other the certificates flew out of the hat
Great delight
How they clapped

At fourteen I got a bigger stage
From the very first act
A crowd of hundreds set a a gaze
Three times a year it was 'Vuala!'
They all clapped
Envy and canonisation all were felt
Save the best for last!
How much it was spectacular
I was the best magician of all

Onto the witches parade I went at eighteen
My magic as powerful as their spells
Wow them I did
More and more
Those who where there at my first
Those who where there now
With a thundering drum-roll
With my blazing green gown and golden stripes
I made the cat disappear!
Now they really loved me
Those who where there at my first
Those who where there now

Higher and higher to sour
Any magician's fancy
Even taught the little some tricks
They loved it
The wizards could not believe it
Those who where there at my first
Wanted me to take the thunder of the sorcerers
The extravagant but shallow sorcerers

A high stage indeed
Bright lights lit all around
But perform I did
What an uproar after my first bow
I could match the sorcerers!
The sorcerers care little of a lone magician
A magician from a distant land
They watch
How long will the magician last
The sorcerers rub their hands
Bide their time

The extravagance wore me down
Try as a might
The stage, I alone, could not fill
The sorcerers could, quite a thrill
Those who where there at my first
Look on with impatient eyes
Dash across the stage I did
Here and there
A shallow applause after my bow
My head bowed, breathing hard
The curtain came down
I go on my knees
I barely finished that
The who where there at my first
Shouts, lamentations and jibes
Demanding I fill the stage

I grow weaker and weaker
The stage is to vast
Before I catch my breathe
The curtain comes up
Silence and they wait for me
I walk up to the spotlight
I see the tragedy
Cards stacked so high, whithering, bound to fall
Like Patience staring at grief and smiling
I hold out my hat and magic stick in a cross
I can feel the weakness in my knees
The bearing on my shoulders,
I a magician, like Houdini
Take a bow

Is this the last

Fiddes von Lochinvar


Anonymous said...

wow,more alike than different

diddy47 said...

hi..thanx for the comment...glad you could see what i was trying to put across