July 30, 2010

Get Old Google Images Back

Imagine my shock when i turned on my laptop to do a an image search this morning. At first i thought that my add-ons where acting up again so i went tinkering but I soon found out that the new layout was a "feature" from silicon valley.

To say it straightforward the new google images is atrocious. Horrific to the point of physical pain on the eyes. The frustration from time wasted clicking through silly java pop is beyond words.

I have devised a way to bring back google images back to what it was, as much as possible. But be warned it requires some sacrifice.

So far all the 'fixes' i found on the web only fix the search result page but when you click the link the stupid java is still there.
First get your google image search results page to look like the old one
  • Some use this url trick or the cumbersome google work around which both have the disadvantage of working only once
  • Some use the grease monkey script
  • Me, i used the drastic no script for google.com, google.co.uk to get my search result page looking familiar again(painful, i know)

after this it looks nice and all but when you click the link...the pop up is gone too but there is still the grey box and the truncated page!
NB:If you used the greasemoneky script, to get rid of the pop up picture right click adblock plus and select element to hide. Click mouse over image

Now in this part you need firefox adds adblock plus and element hiding helper

right click and select element to hide. Click mouse over greyed area


(or google.com) click add filter rule. The grey box is gone now (or google.com)
But the page is still just an image and truncated to see the actual web page containing the image

right click and select element to hide. Click mouse over static page


(or google.com) click add filter rule. The page is now scrollable like it should be
Now you google images works almost like before.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Google needs to get rid of this crap. The only reason I use Google is the search within which I cannot find. Google you are gone as my search engine.


Will be be if you change, but if you do not you are toast.