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December 01, 2010

Export Android Created Playlists To PC

From time to time I come across little things that are quite frankly annoying given the awesomeness of android. The lack of a Phone to PC export function for playlists is surprising and annoying

Scoured the web but could not find a solution until I came across Meridian Player. It does not have this function but it has something called PlayQ. Which allows the user to make playlists real quick hence the name. I also found you can enter whole playlist into this function. I also learned that the player kept each playQ plalist in a folder as a standalone file not database (which I suspect the stock player does)

In Meridian Player

  • Long press on the playlists you want to export to PC, a pop up menu appears
  • Select export to playQ
  • choose the appropriate name
  • choose audio type
  • Export as many playlists as you like using procedure above above
Now connect you phone via USB and choose Hard Drive Connection

Navigate to folder PlayQueues.
Inside will be all your playlist!

You may have noticed they are in .mpq format not .m3u, don't worry.

Its not complicated as its just a text file, here comes the tedious bit

Open the file with notepad++ (notpad opens too but is a real mess)

you will find a playlist like listing but with some tags e.g.
NB: yours will be different depending on the directory in which your music is stored
LocalAudio<>file:///mnt/sdcard/MP3/Alice Deejay/Alice Deejay - Alice
Assuming that you phone music library matches your PC all you have to do is replace the front portion of the above url with the computer url

Important: First delete the first line with a single digit in it
C:\Users\Administrator\Music/Alice Deejay/Alice Deejay - Alice
To change the whole playlist use the replace function. Now you will notice the URL is encoded, to uncode or decode it use a tool like on is website

  • Copy the whole playlist and past inside the box then select decode. Magic!
  • Copy the decoded list and paste back in file and save
  • Change the file extension from mpq to m3u
  • load into you PC music player
  • Music!

This is quite a simple process, I am no programmer but I reckon it would not be such a hurdle to come up with a script/ batch file tool that can do all these steps automatically.

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